Our Editorial Process

Core principles for the editing process

With readers’ health as a guideline, all YouMed Health News articles are edited according to a unified and professional process. An article must fully meet the following criteria to be published to readers:

  • Written by Doctor – Pharmacist.
  • Quoting official sources.
  • Easy-to-read, easy-to-understand.

A team of experts writes articles on a variety of topics

By a writing team of more than 150 Doctors – Pharmacists, YouMed Health News is proud to be the health news site that has the cooperation of the largest number of medical staff. With a team of experts in a variety of specialties, we work hard to transform hard, confusing academic articles and medical jargon into easy-to-read, easy-to-understand articles.

We always produce content based on the YouMed Ethics Policy.

Review Board

YouMed’s Medical Advisory Council includes leading experts in the medical field. We work tirelessly to review and evaluate the accuracy of the knowledge we bring to readers. The author team gets quick feedback on the legitimacy and transparency of their work from the Medical Advisory Council.

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The accuracy of news

YouMed’s editorial team is comprised of individuals with expertise in medicine and writing. Therefore, the entire article that comes to you has been thoroughly checked by reference to the circulars of the Ministry of Health and prestigious world health organizations. We rely only on the latest and most reputable guides. All references are listed at the end of each article.

Reference source

YouMed Medical News with Authentic and Useful criteria. We are always strict in finding and reviewing references. All are cited from mainstream medical organizations, government organizations, academic institutions. We always ensure that the information we bring to our readers is accurate and up-to-date. Below each article, we always define the reference source so that readers can refer to and confirm the information.

Information updated

Information is constantly changing, especially in the medical field. Updating information is the responsibility and obligation of any health news site. With moderation from experts, YouMed’s editorial team always checks and reviews information every 6 months, to update it according to the newest research and guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

In case of necessity, the article will be edited and updated by the editorial team on time so as not to have any faults in professionalism, affecting the health of readers. We always welcome commentaries to promptly correct information, if there are any contradictions or outdated information, please contact us immediately via hotline 1900-2805 or email. [email protected].