YouMed Advertising Policy

To help us maintain and develop the resources needed to create the high quality content, especially in the medical field, we know that accepting advertisements on our website is necessary. However, one special thing we will never change and it is also the core criteria of YouMed’s website is the transparency. Hopefully our advertising policies will help readers feel more confident in the content and services we offer.

Ads displayed on YouMed’s website are required to make a clear distinction between the ad content and the content edited by the Editorial Team. Please see more below to better understand how we distinguish promoted or sponsored content as well as the principles must adhere.

We try to feature advertising in a way that will not interfere with the reader’s experience.

YouMed maintains a distinct separation between advertising and editorial content:

  • All sponsored content on YouMed can be easily distinguished from editorial content through the labeling “Sponsored” or from a similar designation right at the location where that content is displayed, indicating that the content is being provided by or on behalf of the sponsor.
  • All ads on YouMed must be labeled “Ads” and are designed to clearly separate between ad and main content in the article.
  • Content edited by YouMed’s Editorial Team is not influenced by advertisements unless it is sponsored and must be reviewed by both our Editor and Review Board. These contents will also be labeled “Sponsored” to clearly indicate that the content is being provided by or on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor.
  • All ads and sponsored content appearing on are required to follow the guidelines on this page.

Banners introducing products and promotions of YouMed Store including YouMed’s official store in Shopee must show the logo of YouMed Store, to distinguish between YouMed’s activities and advertising banners of other partners. This regulation also applies to banners introducing YouMed’s Booking service.

Read more about Our Ethics Policy and Editorial Process.

Updated on: 26/04/2022.